Friday, October 22, 2010

The World God Only Knows Trailer 3!!

I figure since the new season of anime just started, it would be best to start discussing one of the news releases for this season and an anime i am currently enjoying, The World God Only Knows. Basically the gist of the story is there is this "girl game" otaku who does nothing but play these games all day long. If you dont know what a girl game or "dating sim" is click the link provided. 
So obviously everyone thinks he is wierd and he has no friends but he doesnt care. He plays these games so much in fact that it garners him the nickname "God of Conquest" among fellow gamers. One day he recieves an email that, in his eyes, looks like a challenge. so he clicks yes and he unwhittingly summons a demon and he needs to now go around getting girls to fall in love with him so he can exorcise the literal demons from thier hearts. I do enjoy this show in the fact that the main character applies his girl game know how to real life and somehow his technique is not far off. i do recomend this romantic comedy/harem anime seeing as how the main C is pretty damn funny. Well seeing as this show is only 3 episodes in we will have to see.
By the way If you didnt know it already you can fill all your anime needs at this site.     ENJOY!! 

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