Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Awesome Breaking Bad Video...

Alright i know that the AMC tv series "breaking bad" doesnt have anything to do with games or anime but i stumbled across this video and had to show it.Now if you have never heard of breaking bad i feel very sorry for you, but it is understandable considering its on AMC and who watches that channel right? Well i had no idea this show excisted till my coworker told me to watch it and after 2 episodes i was completely hooked. The series stars Bryan Cranston (Malcom in the Middle) as a grossly overqualified high school chemistry professor who finds out he has lung cancer. He ends up deciding to cook meth to provide for his family. craziness ensues. I wont tell you anything else, you have to see it for yourself.
By the way the song playing is DLZ by "tv on the radio" .

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Team Ico's The Last Gaurdian..

Team Ico, the makers of the amazing Shadow of the Collosus, are developing a new game, the Last Gaurdian. With the two games that team Ico has released, arguments have surfaced that the video game genre might be classified as an artform. With team ico's new game i believe that these arguments can be put to rest. Games are an artform and like any piece of art it can inspire emotions within ourselves
As of right now information is scarce for ico's new game but from what people have gathered from the videos that have been released, it seems to be that you take control of a young boy in some ruins and come across a cat-eagle thing  which i assume you befriend and it helps you to solve puzzles and what not. It looks awesome and considering team Ico's track record (although small) i have little doubt that this game will again blur the lines between entertainment and art.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Anime Impressions : Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

From the studio that brought u Gurren Lagan comes a new anime titled panty and stocking. Basically its an incredibly raunchy anime with over the top fighting scences drawn in Powerpuff girl style animation.This anime has one kind of audience its trying to reach, an immature audience. Its not like im judging you if u happen to like this show cause i like it too. Just because i like shows like deathnote and ghost in a shell doesnt mean i cant enjoy this show. Hell yeah im immature what of it! The premise is two angels that have been kicked out of heaven due to bad behaviour and now they kill ghosts to get back into heaven. The blond angel, panty,  just likes to fuck as many guys as she can, and her sister stocking just likes to eat sweets all the time. apparently panty's underwear turns into a gun and stocking's legging into a sword. thats pretty much it. Oh well, check it out if you want, who knows you might like it.


Figure i would talk about gaming a little bit today. Here is a game i am hoping for and am very anxious about Deus Ex Revolutions. Now normally i would be super excited about this game and not have a care in the world, however my hopes have been wavering ever since i saw the sqaure enix logo appear. If you have been following square enix's online game FF14 you would know by now that the game is a gigantic piece of shit. I used to have such respect for Square, but for them to put out that game is inexcusable. Fingers crossed that they dont fuck up this game too..


As we all know anime tends to repeat itself with the same old stories and plotlines, Whoops i suck at getting girls but all of a sudden "hurrays for me!" every girl wants to fuck me all of a sudden kind of plotline. Should anime delve more into the unkown? Well for me i have been watching anime for its apparent twists on traditional plotlines of american and Japanese culture, You know that every guy wants a harem of girls obeying thier every whim, but a cool plotline makes makes it accepltable. So do I. Well its good to expand your mind. But it still has to be entertaining, we are americans after all. : >

Saturday, October 23, 2010


If you are a manga fan you probably have heard of our beloved online reading site, shutting down recently. A sad day that was indeed for as i had to dig deeper into the net to find other scanalation sites. A sad day indeed. Nothing can truly replace onemanga. It got me through many anemia inducing office days and let me discover new animes by sheer chance. The ease of the site and the upkeep on the site were second to none and was on Googles most viewed pages list. But even tho it has passed on, there are some rays of hope for the moment. As far as i know only 2 or three sites can provide the same variety as One did albeit definitely not the same quality. A link to the site i currently use is here  
It will have to do for now but if anyone can tell me an alternative to this site im all ears... 

Friday, October 22, 2010

The World God Only Knows Trailer 3!!

I figure since the new season of anime just started, it would be best to start discussing one of the news releases for this season and an anime i am currently enjoying, The World God Only Knows. Basically the gist of the story is there is this "girl game" otaku who does nothing but play these games all day long. If you dont know what a girl game or "dating sim" is click the link provided. 
So obviously everyone thinks he is wierd and he has no friends but he doesnt care. He plays these games so much in fact that it garners him the nickname "God of Conquest" among fellow gamers. One day he recieves an email that, in his eyes, looks like a challenge. so he clicks yes and he unwhittingly summons a demon and he needs to now go around getting girls to fall in love with him so he can exorcise the literal demons from thier hearts. I do enjoy this show in the fact that the main character applies his girl game know how to real life and somehow his technique is not far off. i do recomend this romantic comedy/harem anime seeing as how the main C is pretty damn funny. Well seeing as this show is only 3 episodes in we will have to see.
By the way If you didnt know it already you can fill all your anime needs at this site.     ENJOY!!