Sunday, October 24, 2010


Figure i would talk about gaming a little bit today. Here is a game i am hoping for and am very anxious about Deus Ex Revolutions. Now normally i would be super excited about this game and not have a care in the world, however my hopes have been wavering ever since i saw the sqaure enix logo appear. If you have been following square enix's online game FF14 you would know by now that the game is a gigantic piece of shit. I used to have such respect for Square, but for them to put out that game is inexcusable. Fingers crossed that they dont fuck up this game too..


  1. I figured FF14 would be terrible, as I played FFXI pretty extensively :D

  2. never hear of it man, i like your fish though :D

  3. Yeah me too, as a huge fan bordering on purist of the first... I have high hopes. The dismal disappointment of the 2nd is really nagging at me a bit though, maybe theyll screw it up like last time. however i saw some leaked gameplay footage and from what i saw it looked pretty fuckin amazing.